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What is qmee?

Qmee is a popular GPT (Get Paid To) site which allows you to share your opinions through surveys tailored to you as well as earn instant cash rewards when shopping and searching online. It is fun and easy to use and offers no minimum cashout for its users.

The vision of Qmee is to revolutionize the way people and brands connect. It was founded in 2012 by two experience and successful businessmen, Jonathan Knight and Nick Sutton. It is available for people living in Australia, Canada, UK and USA.

How Does qmee Work?

Qmee is a free browser and mobile app which allows you to earn real cash added in real time for sharing your opinions and engaging with your favourite brands. With the mobile app you can conveniently participate in surveys on the go receiving a cash reward for each one you complete. It works in 3 simple steps like any other survey site

Step 1 - Sign up to Qmee

Step 2 - Take a survey

Step 3 - Get Paid

You’ll be matched with the best surveys according to your profile to increase the chances of qualifying and maximizing your earnings. When you complete a survey Qmee adds your rewards to your piggybank in real time.

There’s no minimum cashout threshold. You can easily transfer your earnings to PayPal even after your first survey. This is a unique feature of Qmee which makes it stand out from all other survey sites. They also offer cash rewards for searching and shopping online. Install the Qmee app to your browser to start earning while you search on your favorite sites and engage with your favorite brands.

They also offer hand picked money earners which are specially choosen win-win offers. With hand picked money earners you can earn free cash rewards at the same time of doing what you want to do, hence a win-win offer.

How Can You Earn From qmee?

Qmee is a reputed survey site which offers real cash as rewards and not any form of points. They don’t have a minimum cashout threshold which is different from any other survey sites. Qmee offers cash rewards for taking part in surveys, searching and shopping online. Here are 3 ways you can get paid from Qmee:

1. Qmee Survey - As Qmee is a survey site so the main and the best way of earning money is through participating in surveys. You’ll be matched with the best surveys according to your profile. You will be notified whenever there’s a new survey available. However you can’t take part in every survey as each survey is tailored for a specific group of people. Hence it is important to fill your profile in a proper manner so as to receive best matching surveys to decrease the chances of disqualification and increasing the chances of earnings.

There are some surveys which takes about 5 mins and pay around $2 and some which pay a few cents for 10 mins of your time. You need to keep looking out for surveys of that kind so that you don’t miss the high paying ones.

The surveys are usually on topics like politics, gaming, shopping, banking etc. So you can give surveys according to what interests you. You can download the Qmee chrome extension to get notified whenever there is a new survey available.

2. Qmee Searches - Qmee pays you for searching online and clicking on certain results. This is not the main source of income form Qmee as it pays very little. You will not get paid for any and all searches and the rewards are inconsistent. It’s just a way of earning a very little cash and trying to maximize your earnings. You can earn from Qmee searches by downloading a chrome extension and using google to search.

3. Cashback deals - Qmee also offers cashback deals like other GPT (Get Paid To) sites while shopping through its app or site which you may not get normally.

4. Referral Program - Qmee’s referral program is quite different from others. It gives you three different links to invite your friends and family members.However you don’t get access to the referral program easily. You need to be actively taking part in offers to get into the referral program. The three link serves three different purposes

- Link 1 lets you keep 100% of referral reward
- Link 2 lets you share 50% of the referral reward with the person you referred
- Link 3 lets you give 100% of referral reward to the person you referred.

There were the four main ways to earn rewards from Qmee. Shall we move on to see if it’s right for you or not?

Is It Worth it?

Qmee is a legit and famous GPT site which is quite different from the usual GPT sites. It has many advantages over the others and is built by two experienced and successful businessmen, Jonathan Knight and Nick Sutton. You can google their name and see it for yourself.

Qmee has been operating since 10 years and have proved itself to be one of the best GPT site in the space. It has a clean, beautiful and organised website which is very user-friendly. It also has a mobile and desktop app to make things more convenient.

They offer real cash rewards and not mere points. You can earn with surveys,while you shop or browse the net. It has an engaging and fun community. You can its facebook commuity to meet other Qmee users and interact with them.

They also conduct giveaways and polls in there. They have amazing customer service. Every querry of yours is answered as quickly as possible and maximum within 72 hours. Your queries are answered by real person and not bots or AI.

Overally it is a great site to earn some extra cash online in your spare time. If you’re satisfied with the review we highly recommend you to join by clicking the link down below and start your journey today.