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What is pinecone research?

Pinecone research is a trusted leader in voicing the opinions of consumers nationwide. It is a survey site. It offers you cash in exchange for your opinions.

As a Pinecone Research panelist you’ll be a part of an elite group that represents consumers and households like yours nationwide. Companies need your opinions to develop new and improved products to the best of your interest. Completing surveys you’re directly influencing tomorrow’s products today while getting rewarded cash and prizes. 

Pinecone Research is a part of a famous market research company Nielsen which is based in New York. It has an A+ rating according to Better Business Bureau. It has been operating for more than 22 years.

How Does pinecone research Work?

Pinecone Research is a survey site which help companies gather market opinions/information. The way it works is very similar to other GPT (Get Paid To) or survey sites. As you may already know the way it works we’ll not get into the nitty gritty and just outline the key points required here. It follows a simple 5 step process. 

Step 1 - Sign up
Step 2 - Get Survey Notification To Your Email Address
Step 3 - Take Surveys
Step 4 - Earn Points 
Step 5 - Redeem In Cash Or Prizes 

A unique fact about Pinecone Research is you’ll get to review a product or learn about it before it even launches to the market. Your role here will be very similar to a influencer or maybe as same as one. You’ll be influencing whether the product will hit the store or it needs major improvements before launching. Quite an interesting role, Isn’t it? 

Pinecone Research also has its own mobile app which makes it more convenient to take part in surveys on the go. Whenever there is a survey you’ll receive an invitation from email or notification from the app.

Sometimes similar kind of emails land in promotions/spam folder, hence you need to check those and tabs if you don’t want to miss out any opportunity. You’ll receive points on completing a survey which you can redeem for gift cards, cash or prizes.

How Can You Earn From pinecone research?

Pinecone Research as mentioned is a survey site. Your major source of income here will be from taking paid surveys. There are also a few other ways to make money from Pinecone Research so lets cover what it offers.

1. Paid surveys - Pinecone research mainly have surveys as a way to earn which are available regularly. The opportunities here may be less as compared to other survey sites but Pinecone Research has some of the highest paying surveys in the space. Where usually with other survey sites you get somewhere between $0.5-$3 per survey, pinecone research pays a minimum of $3 per completed survey which is quite high regarding survey sites. One thing you need to remember is you are at a risk of getting removed as a panelist if you aren’t participating enough. You’ll be notified with an email if you’re at a risk but make sure to remain active and take surveys frequently. You can take part in any survey of your choice.

2. Product Testing - Pinecone Research sometimes lets you test some product sent by some companies even before they’re launched in the market. This way the company ensures whether the product is a right fit for their customers or needs some major improvements. This oppootunity is not regular so it’s better not to keep expectations very high but as a pinecone panelist if an opportunity like this comes up you’ll be notified with an email. You need to share your feedback after testing the product and usually you get to keep the product after testing it. That means you get first dibs on cool new products even before it launches to the market.

3. Sweepstakes - What are sweepstakes? Sweepstakes is like a lucky draw event conducted by pinecone research. They have a quarterly and bi-weekly sweepstakes. The winner of quarterly sweepstake takes home $4500 while the winner of bi-weekly sweepstakes takes $500. The total rewards they give out for quarterly and bi-weekly sweepstakes are $18000 and $13000 respectively. So if you’re lucky you can take home some nice cash with you.

So these were the 3 ways of making money through pinecone research, the main one being from surveys and sweepstakes being the intimidating one. Now lets move on to see if its worth your time or not?

Is It Worth it?

Pinecone research is a legit survey site under a famous market research company Nielsen. It has been operating for 22 years and has an A+ rating according to Better Business Bureau. With high paying surveys, great payout methods and low payout threshold it is one of the most sought after site in the GPT (Get Paid To) space.

Along with the number of advantages it also has some disadvantages like no daily surveys and joining is only via invitation but these are not much of a concern when it comes to the what pinecone research offers.

It offers one of the highest paying surveys which takes around 10-30 mins of your time depending upon the survey conditions and length and no more than that. It pays a minimum of $3 per completed survey with high paying contests where you earn a big amount.

All these advantages and proofs make pinecone research one of the best GPT sites that you can use to make good extra cash online. It is definitely worth your time and you can join now by clicking the button below to start your journey.

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