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What is opinion inn?

Opinion Inn as the name sounds is a survey site that pays you for sharing your opinions i.e. taking surveys. It is an online community dedicated to help its consumers to voice out their opinions to the world’s most renowned companies.

It has a very simple straightforward site with the important informations provided. It is free to join and only available for users in UK, US, Australia and Canada.

Opinion Inn has been operating for around 6 years now. However there is no information on the owner of the site which may seem a bit skeptical but it doesn’t make it a scam site. We’ve seen reviews of people making money from it and it’s rated 4.5 stars on TrustPilot as well.

How Does opinion inn Work?

Opinion Inn being a survey site works similar to other survey sites as you may know. You must be 18 years or older to sign up to Opinion Inn.

To become a member simply click on "Sign Up" tab on the main screen of the site. You will be asked some ordinary questions. Once done, you will be sent a confirmation email with a verification link. To finalize your registration, you must click on the link in the email to confirm your registration. After this, your registration will be confirmed and you shall be able to participate in the surveys.

Once you become a member the services offered by it will be free of charge. As a token of appreciation for your time you’ll earn cash rewards for taking surveys. Registration to Opinion Inn is completely free i.e. you’ll not be asked for any payment during sign up. Instead you’ll earn $10 as a gift for signing up.

When the amount reaches a minimum of $25 you can transfer it to your PayPal or continue earning.

How Can You Earn From opinion inn?

Opinion Inn is a online reward site. Once you become a member you can take surveys not only offered by OpinionInn but also conducted by their numerous clients. As soon as you register you’ll begin accumulating money in your OpinionInn account. You’ll receive $10 as signup bonus to get started and once your account reached the minimum threshold of $25 you can easily transfer it to your Paypal account without any hassle. Now lets see how you can earn from OpinionInn. There are generally 2 ways:

1. Paid Surveys - Since OpinionInn is a survey site, the main source of income here is through paid surveys. You can take surveys offered from OpinionInn as well as their clients. The purpose of these surveys is to collect your opinions and thoughts about the products and services offered by various renowned companies. Your opinions once shared, will have a direct impact on these companies on how or what you and the market wants. You’ll see all the available surveys you can take, how much you’ll earn after its completion and topic of the survey when you log in to the members dashboard.

A survey is usually tailored for a specific group of people. You can’t take part in every survey available but only the ones you qualify for. You’ll need to complete your profile before you can expect to receive survey invites. They ask for information such as name, address, gender, date of birth etc. They will send you suitable surveys according to these information so as to maximize your qualification in those surveys and hence maximizing your earnings. The no. od surveys you’ll get is also largely dependent on your country.

2. Polls - Another way to earn from OpinionInn is through polls. They don’t offer referrals currently. Polls are usually quick questions that needs to be answered. They’re fun and interesting.There’s not much information available for polls but you’ll know once you become a member. It will take you few seconds to answer them and will help in maximizing your earnings so it’s recommended to participate whenever there is one.

3. Lucky Draws - OpinionInn also conducts monthly lucky draws. You can win $500 a month If you’re an active member and attempted atleast 5 surveys in that month. The winners are displayed on the portal on every 7th of the month.

That were the 3 ways of earning from OpinionInn. Now lets move on to see of it’s worth it or not.

Is It Worth it?

OpinionInn is a legit survey site that does pay you for completing the tasks it offers. The fact that there’s no information on the owner makes it a bit skeptical for new members to use but it has been operating for more than 6 years and people use it to make extra cash.

There are several other reviews that say OpinionInn to be a legit site. If there is still any doubt in your head check the FAQs section of their website and you’ll find all the important information you need to get cleared on much of which we covered in this review.

They have a 24*7 panelist support team who are always there to help you no matter when and from where you take the surveys. So no doubt it’s legit and worth your time. If you’re satisfied with the review and want to start making money with surveys as soon as today then sign up to OpinionInn by clicking the button down below and receive $10 bonus to get you started.

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