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What is oh my dosh?

OhMyDosh is UK’s fastest paying cashback reward site. It’s a way to make extra cash by signing up to services and free trials. It is very similar to other GPT (Get Paid To) sites but has an edge over the others which we will cover later in this article.

You can earn money via OhMyDosh from the comfort of your sofa or even on the go. It’s very user friendly and easy to use. You can take part in any offers available on the site that are of interest to you and earn your sweet dosh (dosh is a slang for money).

The slogan of OhMyDosh! is “Give a little time, make a lotta dosh! which exactly defines the purpose of the site.

How Does oh my dosh Work?

OhMyDosh is a cashback site which pays its members to perform certain tasks like trying a new product, taking surveys, signing up to survey companies etc. Companies want to test their products and collect important market research material from its customers. Hence they use sites like OhMyDosh to offer free trial of their products expecting if a customer likes the product then they will hook to their brand or buy more from them. The offers could be anything from a free trial, to completing surveys or even changing your energy supplier. 

OhMyDosh works in 6 simple steps:

Step 1. Choose an offer - Browse the categories or use the search functions to find an offer that suits you

Step 2. Complete offers - Found an offer you like? Hit the green button to complete it. Instructions and terms can be found on individual offer pages.

Step 3. Offer pending - Once an offer is completed in full, it will change to pending. This usually takes less than 24hrs but can take up to 7 days.

Step 4. Offer Payable - Your offer has been approved and the reward added to your OhMyDosh balance. The time taken to become payable varies by offer. Lightning payouts take just 3 days. 
What are lightning payouts?
Lightning payouts is a category of OhMyDosh which is dedicated to fast paying offers i.e within 3 days. If you need to more money quickly these offers will your best choice

Step 5. Cash Out - Once you have reached £10 you can cashout or keep earning. You can get paid directly to your bank account or through PayPal easily. 

Step 6. Repeat - You can take as many offers as you like.

The amount of earning is upto you. There’s no limitations. Sign up to OhMyDosh here to start earning some dosh as soon as today!

How Can You Earn From oh my dosh?

As soon as you complete a purchase or sign-up you’ll receive an email from OhMyDosh. There are various ways to earn money from OhMyDosh. Lets take a look at a select few.

1. Paid surveys - OhMyDosh is not mainly a survey site but it has surveys as a category so you can give surveys and get paid for them. You can either earn by giving surveys or by signing up to other survey sites and taking part in them. Sometimes they offer Speak Up surveys which actually gives you the opportunity to take surveys directly from OhMyDosh. They are one of the best so it’s recommended that you don’t miss Speak Up surveys. Not all survey offers are good on OhMyDosh. We noticed a few which are a total waste of time. So look upto somewhere where you’ll get more information on them and sign up only if they seem worthy.

2. Cashback - OhMyDosh offers a lot of cashback options and it’s also called UK’s fastest paying cashback rewards site. This site has been featured in several famous media like The Sun, Metro etc due to this. This is the most recommended and best way to earn from OhMyDosh. Here you’ll find some offers which are free and some that requires a small investment. The one which require a small investment usually have big cashback rewards. You can make a reasonable amount of money through this in the long run.

3. Trials - OhMyDosh has a section for some mouth-watering trials that you’ll love, for example amazon prime 30-day free trial etc after completion of which you’ll get paid a certain amount. You can continue the subscription if you wish to for which you’ll get charged normally and if not you can cancel the subscription after the trial period ends.

4. Competitions - Competitions aren’t the best but an easy way to earn a little extra cash. These are announced on their socials like facebook at times. You need to be aware of the conditions of the competitions. Competitions are not very frequent but give an opportunity to earn some extra money when conducted. If you’re active in socials then its worth it to check their pages time to time for announcements.

5. Daily Dosh - This is a daily lucky draw event conducted by OhMyDosh. Every day a lucky OhMyDosh member is selected to win Euro 10. The reward must be claimed within 24 hours of winning or else you’re gonna miss it.

6. Invite Friends - This is a very common way of earning money through sites like OhMyDosh. You can invite your friends or family members to join OhMyDosh through a special invite link for which you’ll earn an extra bonus. Remeber you’ll get the extra bonus of euro 5 only when your referral has made euro 10.

These were 6 ways to earn money on OhMyDosh. There are a few more which you can check but the main ones are covered here. Lets move on to see if OhMyDosh is worth your time or not. I bet you’ve already figured it out.

Is It Worth it?

We’ve covered much ground about OhMyDosh untill now and you must have already figured out if it’s worth the time or not? OhMyDosh is a legit site and has a wide range of opportunities to earn extra money in your spare time. You can make a decent amount to pay your bills, have good dinner at a nice restaurant, buy nice gifts for your loved ones, aid your travel expenses and much much more. It has paid over £680,000 to its members till date and has been featured in some big and famous media like The Sun, Metro etc. There are hundreds of testimonials from its members so there’s enough proof for it to be legit, safe and satisfactory. It is one of the best sites to earn extra money online and our most favourite as well. We believe it will not disappoint you a bit and is totally worth your time. 

If you’re satisfied with the review and think it’s right for you (which we believe it is!) click the button below to sign up and start earning your dosh today.

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