The Most Legitimate Way Of Getting Paid For Sharing Your Opinions……backed by the world’s largest custom research and analysis provider.



What is lifepoints?

LifePoints is a legitimate online reward system run by Lightspeed, a Kantar Group Company which is the world’s largest custom research and analysis provider. It’s a strong brand backed by a well established and reliable research company and it conducted its first research study in 1946.

There is no sign-up cost and it allows to make some extra money in your spare time by completing surveys and small tasks that can easily be done from your personal pc or smartphone.

It’s not a get rich quick or make £1000s overnight scheme, It pays for your time to receive valuable market research data.

How Does LIFEPOINT Work?

Similar to other GPT (Get Paid To) sites you need you become a member to start earning money (you already know!).It doesn’t charge you for initial sign-up so becoming a LifePoints panelist is completely free. Instead it gives you 10 Lifepoints to get you started. After signing up you’ll be known as LifePoints panelist and then you can start taking surveys & completing tasks to earn reward points. Next you can redeem those points as gift cards, PayPal vouchers etc.

Global Brands require honest and unbiased opinions to improve and provide you product or services to the best of your interest. You’ll be directly influencing the product with your opinions as a LifePoints Panelist.

As mentioned in their site you can become a LifePoint Panelist in 6-easy steps:
Step 1. Sign up 
Step 2. Verify your email
Step 3. Complete your profile - to match you with the right surveys to maximize earnings
Step 4. Check your inbox - for survey reminders so that you don’t miss out on your rewards
Step 5. Take the Survey 
Step 6. Get Rewarded

LifePoints has an app which is available in both Play Store and App Store. It makes it easier to earn money and take part in surveys if you’re on the go like commutes, travelling etc. Unlike now you don’t have to sit infront of only your pc screen to earn some extra cash.

There are few terms to get used to before using LifePoints:

1. Boosters - After completing a certain daily tasks, LifePoints offer you boosters which are denoted in the form of percentages to increase your earnings. You’ll get notified through the app once you complete the tasks

2. Earning Percentage - LifePoints will show your earning potential in the form of a percentage on your profile once you’ve been an active user. This percentage based on how many tasks you complete, how upgraded your profile is, and how promptly you go for daily tasks. The higher your percentage, the more your chances for earning points.

3. LifePoints - LifePoints are the points you get in exchange for the work you do on the app which you can redeem easily as money or gift-cards. 

Now you’re ready to get going and start earning extra money in your spare time as soon as today.

How Can You Earn From LIFEPOINT?

LifePoints is mainly a survey site and it’s not going to make you rich or even anything near to it but it can make you a few hundred dollars every month to pay your bills or buy gift for your loved ones sometimes.

Whether you’re a 9-5er or a teenager studying you can take advantage of this opportunity to make some extra cash in your spare time so you don’t have to rely just on paychecks to cover your desires.

It’s estimated you can get around 20-100 lifepoints for each completed survey depending on its length which you can redeem for PayPal cash, gift cards from amazon or starbucks etc.

It also has many non-survey opportunities like games, giveaways, polls, competetions, promotions etc that members can participate and benefit from.

Unfortunately there’s no affiliate programs available for members currently. We hope they’ll be adding it in due time.

Is It Worth It?

LifePoints as said earlier belongs to the world’s largest custom research and analysis provider and is operating since 1946. It’s clutter-free and straight forward.

There are no extra edorsement or catchy taglines to get in the way of your purpose i.e. generating your passive income in a quick and easy manner.

Most of its surveys takes 10 mins to complete and rewards are quite intriguing. Extra cash just for 10 mins of your time everyday, Isn’t it a steal?

You may feel skeptical about it but brands spend hundreds of thousands even millions to gather market research data so it’s completely normal to pay a tiny fraction of it for your valuable opinion and time.

It’s legit and we believe is worth every minute of your time. 

If you’re ready to earn some extra cash and rewards everyday for 10 mins of your time then click the button below to sign up and receive 10 lifepoints today.