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What is Cashback UK?

Cashback UK as the name would suggest is a rewards platform that pays you for completing small tasks such as taking free trials, signing up to websites, referring to a friend etc. It’s an easy and simple way to earn some extra cash in your spare time.

So if you’re someone who wants to make something out of your spare time and not just let it go waste then signing up to Cashback UK can be the best way to kill some time as well as make some extra money to add to your paycheck.

How Does Cashback UK Work?

The price to join Cashback UK is a whooping $0 instead it gives you euro 5 as a sign-up bonus to get you started. There are 15 different levels each with a choice of tasks to complete. Usually you’ll be presented with 3-4 offers out of which you need to complete just one. If you wish you can complete more than one offer which will mean more rewards/cashback.

Understanding the levels:
As mentioned in the site it’s important to understand the levels to figure out the result of your tasks. Here’s a quick and dirty rundown-

1. Grey coloured level means you’re yet to complete a task. After you complete it will take a couple of days to turn to Amber.

2. Amber coloured level means task has been tracked correctly and takes 15 days to turn green.

3. Green coloured level means the task is completed and confirmed

4. Red coloured level means the task has been rejected by the advertiser due to task terms and conditions not being met

There are a wide range of offers you can choose to complete. These will take merely 15-30 mins of your time and even less.

Some juicy offers include:
- Free trial to your favourite TV channels
- Joining survey sites and influencing the product market
- Test new and exciting products
- Huge discounts on products (can be covered by cash rewards)

Cashback UK also has some bonus offers which don’t increase cashback earnings but has some mouth-watering deals you can explore. Example win £50 to shop with at B&M in exchange for a review, review a MAC Goody Bag, 50 free spins with LuckStacks etc.

How Can You Earn From Casback UK?

GPT (Get Paid To) sites like Cashback UK and others are only good for making some quick extra money in your spare time and dipping your toe in online money ocean. But there are sites that claim you can make thousands overnight and believe me or not they’re gonna scam you. They’re completely untrustworthy and you need to make sure not to fall victim of those sites.

Cashback is a legit way to earn yourself a few extra hundred pounds every month. Cashback members use this extra money to pay off their debts, pay their bills, buy present for their loved ones etc.

Apart from the Euro 5 sign-up bonus you can earn an average of euro 1-euro 3.50 for completing the required offers of the respective levels. Once all 15 levels are completed and validated by the advertiser you’re eligible to claim your cashback via BACs or PayPal.

Another way of earning money is via referrals. You can refer your friends and family to sign up and once they make euro 10 you’ll get 10% of what they earn. It’s definitely not life-changing money but it’s easy money.

Who doesn’t like free money,huh?

Is It Worth It? And Final Words

It can’t be all sunshines and rainbows. Along with upsides there are also a few downsides to Cashback UK. For example the trials are not long enough and if you forget to cancel the subscription you have to pay the actual subscription price. Another one is you have to complete all 15 levels, only then you’re eligible to cashout via BACs or PayPal.

But when done in a correct way the rewards cover up for the downsides by a big margin. You’re making extra cash in your spare time that could pay for your bills, favourite morning coffee from your favourite shop, a dinner night, presents for your loved ones.

Also it’s one of the most trusted GPT site under Submission Technology Ltd which have been operating for over 20 years. So if you doubt that it will hack your computer and run away with your money then you’re very far from truth.

Thousands of people are using cashback and it has paid over Euro 124,494 to its members as of now.

Long paragraph short, it’s definitely worth your time and you can make extra cash with it starting today. Today? Yes click the button below to sign-up and receive euro 5 bonus today